Monochloramine Generator - SANIKILL

SANIKILL is the only solution for the generation and dosing of monochloramine inline, directly into the water stream to be treated.

Established in 2007 as an innovative solution for the Legionella problem in hot water systems, SANIKILL is now recognised as the optimal strategy for comprehensive microbiological control of both potable and industrial water.

SANIKILL enables users to fully benefit from all the advantages of monochloramine. It is the only technological solution that optimises all its strengths: disinfectant power, minimisation of by-products, and compatibility with materials.

What is monochloramine?

Monochloramine is a disinfectant that must be produced on-site from specific precursors: the patented SANIKILL technology ensures that the combination of ENOXIN and ZEBION precursors occurs under optimal conditions to guarantee maximum reaction yield and, consequently, minimise unwanted by-products such as ammonium.

As demonstrated by more than a thousand field applications and over 20 scientific publications, the SANIKILL effect guarantees numerous advantages:

  • Effective disinfection, ensuring the elimination of all microbiological risks associated with water.
  • Maximum biofilm penetration, for deep disinfection and complete removal of microorganisms, including those that proliferate on surfaces in contact with water.
  • Compatibility with all materials, without issues of corrosion or damage to water and hydraulic systems.
disinfezione acqua
Acqua pura e trattata con la monoclorammina

But that's not all!

  • High stability, for consistent and persistent disinfection over time, even in cases of reduced water consumption or in long and branched systems.
  • No by-product issues, with the minimization of hazardous compounds such as THMs, HAAs, chlorites, and chlorates.
  • Regulatory compliance, meaning full adherence to national and international requirements as a synonym for effectiveness and safety.
  • No extra costs, thanks to the optimization of disinfectant use and the elimination of any undesired effects.

A solution for every need

Here is the translation into British English:

To meet all possible water disinfection needs, both for human consumption and industrial applications, Sanipur’s research has led to various adaptations of SANIKILL technology. Different production capacities, same benefits: a complete range to ensure a suitable solution for every requirement.

Sanikill one per trattamento contro legionella

SANIKILL One the market standard

sistemi di trattamento legionella

for industrial applications

bonifica legionella

for small applications: