Municipalitis : management of water disinfection, networks, and storage tanks

Reports from users, emergency interventions, analytical non-conformities?

Sanipur's dedicated services and patented technologies ensure definitive solutions

Managing remediation of networks or disinfection of tanks is not always easy: performing these operations independently can lead to immobilisation of personnel, partial sanitisation, structural damage to tanks, and significant environmental impacts.

Additionally, incorrect dosing of disinfectants and repeated interventions without definitive results can cause water waste and numerous complaints from end users.

With Sanipur’s patented technologies, we can offer you definitive and safe solutions that ensure quick and effective interventions.

What are the risks of inadequate chlorination coverage in the network?

An inadequate chlorination coverage in the water distribution network can pose several significant risks to public health and water quality, such as:

  1. Biofilm Formation:
    Biofilm is a microbial community that protects pathogens from the action of disinfectants, making their elimination more difficult and increasing the risk of contamination.
  2. Reduced Disinfection Efficacy:
    Chlorination coverage is essential to eliminate many pathogens present in the water. Inadequate coverage can reduce the disinfectant concentration to levels insufficient to protect the entire distribution network.
  3. Unpleasant Odours and Tastes:
    The lack of adequate disinfection can lead to the development of volatile organic compounds and other microbial decomposition products, which can impart unpleasant odours and tastes to the water, making it less acceptable to consumers.

To mitigate these risks, it is crucial to maintain adequate chlorination coverage by choosing a disinfection system capable of ensuring that drinking water remains safe and of high quality throughout the entire distribution network.

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Does your tank disinfection ensure odour elimination, constant chlorination coverage, and microbiological compliance?

From our experience, when tank disinfection is not carried out regularly and with adequate expertise, the following problems frequently arise:

  • Non-compliance and possible service interruption.
  • Water turbidity and complaints from users.
  • Partial sanitisation with non-definitive methods, requiring emergency interventions.
  • Risk of compromising the structural integrity of the tanks.
  • Significant environmental impact due to the discharge of rinse water.

What are the Risks of Inadequate Remediation of Supply/Distribution Networks?

There are issues that occur more frequently.
Incorrect dosages of disinfectant can compromise the effectiveness of disinfection and the safety of drinking water.

Most importantly, repeated interventions without definitive results lead to an increase in reports and complaints from end users.

Additionally, the continuous water wastage required by the interventions increases the inefficiency of the network.


What advantages do we offer to those who rely on us?

  • Resolution of Organoleptic Issues: Achieved through the complete removal of biofilm and inorganic deposits at all intervention points.
  • Tailored Solutions: A combination of technologies, services, and know-how suited to every type of system.
  • Reduced Risk of Repeat Interventions: Eliminating the need for repeat interventions, thereby reducing complaints from end users.
  • Capability to Disinfect Extensive Networks: Ability to eradicate chlorine-resistant bacterial species through a single dosing point.
  • Certified and Trained Personnel: Interventions carried out exclusively by certified and trained in-house staff.

Additional benefits for tank interventions:

  • Reduced Chemical Consumption: Simpler management of the disinfection supply chain.
  • Minimised Operator Safety Risks: Enhanced safety for operators.
  • Zero Environmental Impact: Ensuring zero environmental impact when necessary.

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Sanipur has specialised over the years in the sanitisation of drinking water tanks and the provision of technological solutions and chemical products for water potabilisation/disinfection.
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