water quality monitoring

Saniware is the continuous monitoring system developed by Sanipur to offer a simple, intuitive, and reliable response to a precise need: the assurance of water quality at any time.

Whether it’s drinking water or process water, in the network of a healthcare, hospitality, or industrial facility, Saniware ensures the ability to maintain not only control over the disinfection process but also the maximisation of the performance of water and hydraulic systems and the optimisation of process costs.

How does Saniware work?

Saniware is the solution that encapsulates real-time monitoring of essential parameters for water quality assessment in a single system, ensuring not only data collection but also remote consultation and alarm reception at any time using any device with an Internet connection.

Thanks to full compatibility with a wide range of sensors, Saniware is a completely customisable system that can meet the specific needs of each facility, allowing for the control of parameters such as:

  • Disinfectant concentration
  • Temperature
  • Pressure
  • pH
  • Conductivity
Gestione e controllo disinfezione acque di processo
Analisi Strategica
Precise and reliable monitoring is the key to microbiological water safety: continuously checking for residual disinfectant allows proactive detection of potential issues and optimises disinfection to prevent microbiological problems. Saniware is fully integrable with SANIKILL, SANISWEEP, and all other Sanipur disinfection systems. But Saniware is much more than just disinfection control: thanks to the integrated collection and analysis of multiple parameters, it offers the possibility of a comprehensive overview of water quality and the functioning of the monitored system. This translates, especially in industrial applications, into the ability to optimise processes, reduce water consumption, and achieve high standards of energy and environmental performance. Thanks to its remote control station, Sanipur can monitor Saniware’s alarm signals in real time, offering customers 360° support and qualified assistance for plant management.

The advantages of Saniware:

Saniware has been designed to ensure maximum benefits with minimal installation and usage effort:

  • It is set up for easy and quick “Plug&Play” installation.
  • It can be used with simple internet access via a browser.
  • It includes automatic system status report and analysis file delivery (available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year).
  • It instantly notifies alarms via messages or emails based on user preferences.
  • It integrates with BDS through Modbus or BACnet for simple and clear corporate communication protocols.
Monitoraggio qualità acqua con Saniware
Monitoraggio qualità acqua con Saniware
Monitoraggio qualità acqua con Saniware

Saniware is available in two different configurations: a single panel for monitoring one water system (e.g., cold water or hot water), or a double panel for monitoring two circuits (e.g., both hot water and cold water). The choice depends on the complexity of the water system and the specific needs to be addressed.