Chlorine Dioxide Generator - Sanisweep

SaniSweep is the technology designed for chlorine dioxide generation, specifically developed to ensure maximum effectiveness with absolute safety.

Decades of experience in chlorine dioxide chemistry have enabled Sanipur to develop a precise, robust, and reliable production and dosing system for this powerful oxidant and biocide, produced on-site through the reaction between sodium chlorite and hydrochloric acid.

The SaniSweep technology ensures:

  • Optimal yield of the chlorine dioxide generation reaction, minimising the presence of unwanted by-products
  • Full control of the process, ensuring absolute safety, even when using concentrated reagents

The SaniSweep Effect

SaniSweep is a next-generation technology for the production and dosing of chlorine dioxide, offering guaranteed results and safety:

  • High oxidising power that, depending on the specific application, ensures complete disinfection and effective oxidation of unwanted chemical species.
  • Reduced contact times, an immediate advantage of chlorine dioxide’s significant oxidising capacity, which reacts instantly with microorganisms and oxidisable compounds.
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But that's not all!

  • Independent action from pH, ensuring maximum effectiveness without needing to adjust the chemical characteristics of the water being treated.
  • Control of the “by-products” issue compared to hypochlorite dosing, with a reduction in the formation of THMs and other organohalogen compounds.
  • Regulatory compliance, fully meeting national and international requirements as a synonym for effectiveness and safety.
  • Remote monitoring and management system, allowing continuous control and real-time modification of the plant’s functionality.


These features make the SaniSweep technology particularly versatile in various fields of application:

  • Anti-Legionella treatment and water disinfection in cold and hot water circuits of buildings.
  • Primary (or secondary) disinfection of drinking water in water treatment plants.
  • Drinking water treatment in water plants for the removal of metals (iron and manganese) and turbidity through oxidation.
  • Disinfection and treatment of wastewater.
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A solution for every need

One idea, various solutions: to ensure all the benefits of SaniSweep across its possible fields of application, Sanipur has developed different models capable of delivering various production capacities while maintaining the same performance reliability.