Our Certifications, Recognitions, and Affiliations

In a world where water safety is essential, we are proud to offer high-quality products and services.

Our certifications and recognitions represent our promise of excellence, confirming our commitment to customer satisfaction and a safer environment.

Learn more about the Biocides Certification, our achievements, and our ongoing pursuit of innovation and sustainability.


Certificazione ISO 9001
ISO 9001:2015
Certificazione ISO 14001
ISO 14001:2015
Certificazione ISO 45001
ISO 45001:2018


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Certificazione Sanipur
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Affiliazioni Sanipur

Sanipur's Company Policy

SANIPUR SPA, a specialist in water treatment, specifically focuses on:
  • Cleaning and sanitising services for water storage tanks used for human consumption;
  • Sale and commercialisation of products for the treatment of water for human and industrial use;
  • Supply, assistance, and maintenance of water sanitisation systems aimed at the prevention and control of the risk of legionellosis and other waterborne pathogens.
Sanipur’s top management has implemented and maintains an integrated management system in accordance with ISO 9001:2015, 14001:2015, and 45001:2018 standards, which guides the company towards continuous improvement in both effectiveness and efficiency. This system is inspired by principles of safeguarding, safety, and human dignity, as well as the primacy of sustainable development. Our Policy is therefore aimed at ensuring:
  1. The protection of the physical safety of workers and all other interested parties,
  2. The guarantee of workplace hygiene,
  3. The protection of natural resources.
In compliance with current laws and international standards to which the company has chosen to adhere. The company policy is intended as an interactive tool for disseminating a mindset based on:
  • Prevention of non-conforming situations;
  • Continuous improvement of the quality of services provided;
  • Resulting customer satisfaction through an effective and efficient management system, constantly monitored.
The Management aims to achieve these objectives by defining methods for planning service delivery interventions that identify activities, means, resources, responsibilities, and implementation times, in compliance with legislative, regulatory, contractual frameworks, and professional ethics. Sanipur’s primary objective is the health and safety of workers, the protection of the environment, and the satisfaction of client needs. Therefore, all personnel are involved and continuously informed, trained, and educated on the latest technical and technological developments in the prevention and protection of the health and safety of workers and users. The qualification of personnel is also focused on finding innovative methods to eliminate biological agents in water and air that can cause infectious diseases. Another important aspect is the consolidation of the supplier base by using long-standing suppliers and seeking new ones in areas where there are not yet enough qualified suppliers, to always offer the Client cutting-edge and high-quality products. Sanipur periodically updates the analysis of the business context in which it operates and, in collaboration with stakeholders based on their expectations, carefully manages risks and exploits opportunities. Sanipur is committed to continuous updating, compliance with applicable legal requirements, eliminating hazards at the source, and where not possible, reducing risks to worker health and safety, consulting with RLS in evaluations and choices of preventive and protective measures. Flero, 20/04/2020

President of the Board of Directors/CEO/Employer Dr. Gianfranco Garusi