Zero.B: the only solution that guarantees the absolute removal of biofilm.

Biofilm is the invisible cause of many issues in water circuits or damp surfaces, such as microbial contamination, sedimentation in the circuits, and more. Often, biofilm is a hidden problem.

What is Biofilm and What Damage Does it Cause?

Biofilm is a unique ecological niche that can form on all surfaces in contact with water or, more generally, on all damp surfaces. It is composed of a three-dimensional structure made up of inorganic material, organic polymers, and a variety of microorganisms (bacteria, fungi, algae, etc.) that inhabit it, providing the perfect habitat for their proliferation. Within the biofilm, microorganisms find an abundance of nutrients for their growth and, most importantly, protection against the action of potentially harmful agents, such as disinfectants.

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Where Are Biofilm Problems Often Found?

  • Dental units: learn more
  • Hot tubs, hospitality, and wellness companies: learn more
  • Horticulture and hydroponics
  • Food, pharmaceutical, and cosmetic industries: learn more
  • Water houses (aqueducts): learn more

Why choose the green solution Zero.B?

Zero.B is an innovative solution for biofilm removal, ensuring superior microbiological hygiene compared to traditional chemical detergents. Its dual-phase action completely dissolves biofilm and eliminates limescale, then neutralises microorganisms thanks to its disinfectant active ingredients. Zero.B is ideal for circuits, water tanks, and other liquid containers.

It is the perfect choice when you need a targeted and localised effect without resorting to massive solutions.

Award-Winning Technology
Recognised with the Aquatech Innovation Award

The Dual-Phase Approach:

  • Phase One: Utilises a formulation capable of providing a detergent and disintegrating action, allowing for the elimination of biofilm.
  • Phase Two: Involves the use of a product containing disinfectant active ingredients, whose chemical nature ensures the absence of undesirable residues.
The conical flask with green liquid in the hand - laboratory glass
Zero.B La soluzione green ed ecocompatibile di Sanipur per disinfezione dei circuiti idrici

Its Five Unique Qualities:

    1. Total removal of biofilm.
    2. Zero environmental impact.
    3. Zero risks for the operator.
    4. Zero additional energy consumption or process restructuring.
    5. Zero aggression on materials
    6. Total removal of biofilm.

How did it start?

ZERO.B is born from the synergy between Sanipur’s established experience in cleaning and disinfection interventions and the desire to develop innovative formulations capable of exceeding current quality standards, while simultaneously offering environmentally friendly solutions.

As a result, bio-based formulations have been developed that are eco- and bio-compatible, completely biodegradable, and derived from renewable raw materials through biotechnological and green chemistry processes.

Zero. B Applicazioni della soluzione green ed ecocompatibile di Sanipur per disinfezione dei circuiti idrici

Some examples of application

Zero B per Igienizzazione Circuiti Idrici dei Riuniti Odontoiatrici

These systems are highly susceptible to the formation of organic deposits (biofilm) and inorganic deposits (limescale) within the water lines of dental units, leading to undesirable consequences:

  • Compromised water quality -> health risk
  • Line blockages -> functionality issues with the instrument, potentially leading to system shutdown

Zero.B guarantees:

  • Effective removal of organic and inorganic deposits
  • Reduction of microbial load
  • Elimination of pathogens (e.g., Legionella)
  • Compatibility with all components of dental unit water lines

Learn more about Zero.B for dental unit water circuits.

Hot Tubs, Hospitality, and Wellness Companies

Hot Tub Sanitation
  • Routine cleaning according to the manufacturer’s instructions
  • Release of dark particles in the water during use
  • Compromised conditions of the water’s microbial quality

Thanks to its formulations, derived from renewable sources, eco- and bio-compatible, of biological origin, and with “zero residue,” it ensures a significant reduction in environmental impact.

It allows for effective biofilm removal and subsequent deep sanitisation of water distribution systems in numerous applications.

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Food, Pharmaceutical, and Cosmetic Industries (Specialised CIP)

Industrial systems that use water in their processes are at risk of microbial contamination and biofilm development, which can negatively impact process efficiency and product quality.

Zero.B is the ideal solution to protect you from these risks and their disastrous consequences.

Treatment with the biphasic Zero.B protocol guarantees:

  • Removal of biofilm from industrial circuits
  • Eradication of microbial contamination
  • Improvement of process efficiency/product quality
  • Reduction of chemical and disinfectant dosages

Water Houses (Municipalitis)

Water houses can be subject to microbial contamination (e.g., P. aeruginosa) and biofilm formation. Zero B is effective for the remediation of the internal distribution system of water houses: the active components of Zero B disrupt the biofilm structure, inducing its destabilisation, decomposition, and complete removal, thus ensuring thorough sanitisation. Treatment with Zero B protocol guarantees:
  • Elimination of biofilm.
  • Immediate eradication of microbial contamination.
  • Long-term eradication ensuring the health protection of users.
Zero. B Applicazioni della soluzione green ed ecocompatibile di Sanipur per disinfezione dei circuiti idrici

Discover how Zero.B can improve the microbiological hygiene of your water circuits and protect your water systems today!