Zero B for Dental Practices

Absolute biofilm removal in dental unit water circuits


Why Zero.B: avoid chair downtime

Zero.B is an innovative solution for biofilm removal, ensuring superior microbiological hygiene compared to traditional chemical cleaners.

One of the major advantages of Zero.B is its ability to prevent chair downtime in your dental practices.
With effective cleaning and disinfection of water circuits, Zero.B significantly reduces the risk of operational interruptions due to technical issues.

  • Care of materials/tools: the buildup of limescale, biofilm, and other debris can cause blockages in water circuits, leading to malfunctions and potential damage to instruments. Thanks to its biphasic action, Zero.B completely removes biofilm and limescale, ensuring a constant water flow, optimal functioning of dental units, and protection of the circuits.
  • Operational continuity: with Zero.B, you don’t have to worry about chair downtime due to technical problems. Its effective antibiofilm and disinfectant action ensures a consistently operational clinical environment, allowing you to perform treatments efficiently and without interruptions.

Avoiding chair downtime means saving valuable time and preventing financial losses due to activity interruptions

Its five unique qualities

  1. Total biofilm removal: Zero.B guarantees absolute biofilm removal, significantly reducing the risk of microbiological contamination in dental unit water circuits.
  2. Biphasic action: Zero.B completely dissolves biofilm and limescale, then neutralises microorganisms with its disinfectant active ingredients.
  3. Zero environmental impact: Zero.B’s bio-based formulations are eco-friendly and bio-compatible, completely biodegradable, and derived from renewable raw materials, ensuring an ecological footprint.
  4. Maximum safety for operators and materials: Zero.B ensures zero risks for operators, zero aggression on materials, and zero additional energy consumption or process restructuring.
  5. Regulatory compliance: Zero.B complies with national guidelines for the prevention and control of Legionellosis and relevant legislative decrees on water safety plans, offering an ideal solution for ensuring regulatory compliance.
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The Kit

Zero.B guarantees:
  • Effective removal of organic and inorganic deposits
  • Reduction of microbial load
  • Elimination of pathogens (e.g., Legionella)
  • Compatibility with all components of dental unit water lines

Choose Zero.B to protect the operational continuity of your dental practices and offer your patients a safe and functional clinical environment.
With Zero.B, you can avoid chair downtime and focus on providing high-quality treatments without unwanted interruptions.

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