SaniSweep Standard

SaniSweep Standard is the technology that allows the use of chlorine dioxide at its full effectiveness with maximum safety for water sanitisation.

Sanipur, through research and experimentation, has achieved maximum efficiency from ClO2 generators while ensuring utmost safety. Through multi-level control systems, the concentration of ClO2 is maintained well below safety limits, with no possibility of error.

The technology of SaniSweep Standard

Chlorine dioxide has proven to be an effective biocide in combating Legionella in hot water networks. Together with an adequate Legionella prevention plan, SaniSweep Standard helps resolve Legionella issues in hospitals, clinics, hotels, and resorts.
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How does it work?

SaniSweep Standard units operate with diluted chemicals, hydrochloric acid, and sodium chlorite.

Reagent dosing system with two electromagnetic pumps with onboard electronic control, fully equipped with a knob, valve, and discharge line.

The production reactor is controlled by sensors for dosing and is contained in a dustproof polyester box equipped with a ventilation system.

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Special GSM/GPRS WAP electronic controllers allow continuous control of the ClO2 concentration, which does not vary with fluctuations in hot water consumption.

SaniSweep XL: Technical Specifications

Maximum Production  from 5 to 1500 g/h
Maximum Working Pressure: 10 bar
Maximum Reagent Dosage from 0,9 to 39 l/h
Power Requirements: Standard: 220 Vac 50/60 Hz
Optional: 110 Vac 50/60 Hz
Installed Power 1.5 kW
Protection Class IP 65
Dimensions 850x1090x370 mm
Materials PVC-U
Reagents to Use Hydrolic acid
Sodium Chlorite