SANIKILL One The ideal unit for standard applications

SANIKILL One, the first in the SANIKILL family, is the premier unit for the in-line production and dosing of monochloramine. It is designed not only for managing Legionella risk but also for addressing all other microbiological water issues.


A high-performance and effective technology, capable of operating in three different modes:
  • “manual” to select the desired production of monochloramine in g/h
  • “flow”, proportional to the flow rate of water to be treated (m3/h) and based on the desired monochloramine concentration (ppm).
  • “flow+analysis”, to modulate dosing in “flow” mode also based on the ORP value, an indirect measure of the monochloramine concentration in the water.
Gestione e controllo disinfezione acque di processo


SANIKILL One is equipped with a remote control and management system that ensures the ability to monitor and modify operating parameters at any time, 24/7, from any device.

Safety systems

SANIKILL One features next-generation safety systems that ensure optimal operational control:

  • flow sensors, to verify the correct dosing of precursors;
  • level sensors, with minimum and empty level signals for precursors;
    flow control, with the interruption of monochloramine production in the absence of water;
  • ORP measurement probe, for monitoring disinfectant dosing and feedback regulation;
  • real-time notifications, with alarm alerts sent via email or SMS.
Sanikill one per trattamento contro legionella


Production Capacity

The different models of SANIKILL One ensure a production capacity of 60 to 350 g/h

This allows maintaining a constant biocide concentration between 2-3 ppm with a water flow rate of up to 120 m3/h.

Application Fields:

Given its versatility in production capacity, SANIKILL One is suitable for water treatment (hot water systems and more) in a wide variety of applications such as:

  • Medium and large hospitals;
  • Large nursing homes;
  • Residential complexes;
  • University dormitories.

SANIKILL One: Technical Specifications

Maximum monochloramine production range 60-350 g/h
Maximum operating temperature: 60° C
Maximum operating pressure up to 7 bar
Electronic control unit IP55
Dimensions (hxlxp) 1000 x 850 x 390 mm
Energy consumption 220 Vac 50Hz
Energy consumption Max 500 W
Materials Standard: C-PVC
Reagents to use Enoxin P10 Plus e Zebion 62 S