Great results for small-scale applications

SANIKILL Lite is the solution for in-line production and dosing of monochloramine, specifically designed for small-scale applications, to meet the specific needs of simple water and plumbing systems with small volumes of water to treat.

Simple and compact, it ensures optimal water disinfection, not only for controlling Legionella risk but also for managing all other potential microbiological problems.


A highly optimized technology, capable of operating in three different modes:
  • manual, to select the desired monochloramine production in g/h;
  • flow, proportional to the flow rate of water to be treated (m3/h) and based on the desired monochloramine concentration (ppm)
  • flow+analysis, to modulate the dosing in flow mode also based on the ORP value, an indirect measure of the monochloramine concentration present in the water.
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Gestione e controllo disinfezione acque di processo


SANIKILL Lite is equipped with a remote control and management system that ensures the ability to monitor and modify operating parameters at any time, 24/7, from any device.

Safety systems

SANIKILL Lite features state-of-the-art safety systems that ensure optimal control of its operation:

  • Flow sensors, to verify the correct dosing of precursors
  • Flow control, with the interruption of monochloramine production in the absence of water
  • ORP measurement probe, for monitoring disinfectant dosing and feedback regulation
  • Real-time notifications, with alarm alerts sent via email or SMS.
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Sanikill Lite:

Production capacity

SANIKILL Lite, the monochloramine solution for small-scale applications, is capable of producing and dosing monochloramine up to 25 g/h.

This corresponds to a treatment capacity of 8-12 m3/h with a monochloramine concentration of 2-3 ppm.

The “flow+analysis” mode ensures optimal management of small systems with the flow rates described above, such as hot water systems in small buildings characterized by reduced consumption, where the dosage correction effect based on ORP maximizes its benefits.

Fields of Application:

SANIKILL Lite provides small-scale applications with the full disinfectant power of SANIKILL monochloramine, making it suitable for all situations requiring the treatment of small water volumes, such as:

  • Nursing homes and care homes
  • Small hospitals
  • Large hospitals with multiple independent hot water generation and distribution systems

SANIKILL Lite: Technical Specifications

Maximum monochloramine production 25 (g/h)
Maximum operating temperature 60° C
Maximum operating pressure up to 7 bar
Electronic control unit: IP55
Dimensions (hxlxp) 1000x650x330 mm
Power consumption 220 Vac 50Hz
Power consumption Max 100 W
Materials Standard: C-PVC
Reagents to use Enoxin P10 Plus e Zebion 62 S