SANIKILL Effect: Monochloramine

The only monochloramine dosing system for the elimination of pathogens present in water.


To effectively control Legionella, it is necessary to adopt a continuous treatment system.

SANIKILL, monochloramine is the perfect solution. The facts speak for themselves.

Look at the graph on the side…

After just one week of dosing in the water distribution system, the presence of Legionella is substantially eliminated.

The SANIKILL technology allows the production of monochloramine in-line in a controlled and safe manner from precursors specifically formulated and optimised in our laboratories, diluted and therefore absolutely safe in all phases, from handling to storage.

Tabella confronto disinfettanti IT

Greater effectiveness

The SANIKILL effect allows the production of monochloramine in a controlled and safe manner from precursors specifically formulated and optimised in our laboratories.


Confirming the findings from field applications in hundreds of Italian and American hospitals, recent studies conducted by independent bodies have demonstrated monochloramine’s ability to penetrate biofilm, eliminating the bacteria within and leading to its disintegration only when it is completely safe. In contrast, chlorine and chlorine dioxide attack the surface, causing portions of organic material to detach, which may still contain viable microorganisms, thus posing a risk to the end user.

Stability and safety

The SANIKILL technology is based on an online monochloramine production and dosing system that is fully automated, remotely monitored, and managed, equipped with the highest safety standards.

This ensures:

  • Longer retention time within the water system;
  • Better biofilm penetration capability;
  • Less aggressiveness towards all materials;
  • Reduced production of potentially harmful by-products.

Maximum biocidal effectiveness, biofilm penetration, high stability, absence of disinfection by-products, and environmental friendliness are just some of the advantages offered by our technology. We call it the “SANIKILL EFFECT”.