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It's all too easy to talk about water disinfection...

But how many times have you actually encountered these issues?

Standard and routine solutions

Have you been automatically offered standard solutions for your sector, without any concern for determining which would actually be the most effective?

Lack of customisation

Do suppliers only offer you pre-packaged and standardised solutions, lacking innovation and failing to provide tailored proposals?

Questionable results

Are you seeking results, but often find them non-existent or intangible in terms of effectiveness and cost? Do you have any real guarantees of the final outcome?

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Guaranteed results:

With minimal effort on your part and maximum responsiveness.

But it doesn't always have to be this way

This is why with us, you can achieve

Flexibility and responsiveness:

We are able to address all water disinfection issues, even the most challenging ones, thanks to our interdisciplinary expertise and experience.

Continuous innovation:

We have our own Research & Development department and a training centre where we invest 11.2% of our annual turnover.

The reliability of a group of 5 companies that can boast:

We hold 5 patents in the field of water sanitisation, have ISO 9001, 14001, and 45001 certifications, and supply 65% of the hospitals in Lombardy. We also have 1,632 operational disinfection plants.

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Why should you rely on us?

Discover our 4 unique qualities

We invent, produce, and manage technologies and machines to meet the new demands of the market, leveraging our multi-sector experience.

We oversee the entire process, from conception to production to service delivery. This enables us to guarantee the best solution tailored to your needs.

We guarantee definite results and prompt intervention

We are developing according to the SGH Sanipur Green Horizon path, which we apply to our business processes and innovative solutions to ensure maximum sustainability.”

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The 5 Benefits of Monochloramine – Biofilm Penetration

Monochloramine, thanks to its low oxidative strength, can penetrate biofilm to the maximum without damaging the pipes. This helps prevent the creation of a favorable habitat for dangerous bacteria such as Legionella. Biofilm penetration is one of the five benefits of monochloramine.

The 5 Benefits of Monochloramine – No Formation of By-products

Disinfection by-products are chemical, organic, or inorganic substances that can form during a disinfectant's reaction. One of the advantages of monochloramine is that it does not form carcinogenic or other harmful by-products.

Monochloramine in Drinking Water? It’s Not New

Thanks to its solid technical and scientific expertise, Sanipur has developed a solution within the SANIKILL range specifically designed to meet the needs dictated by the application of monochloramine in drinking water.

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