We are a global provider of water hygiene technologies

Founded in Italy in 1985 by former managers of a large European chemical manufacturer.

Sanipur has specialized in water hygiene for domestic hot water systems from the very beginning.

The continuous corporate stability and the consolidated market success has allowed Sanipur to expand its operations into the United States with Sanipur US.

Leading the way


First to use Monochloramine in Legionella remediation, now the #1 technology in water hygiene

First to achieve 100% efficacy with 1 week of application of SANIKILL technology

First to develop predictive remote monitoring and control system for water hygiene equipment

First to apply Water Safety Plan methods to water hygiene

Chosen by excellencies


Chosen by the largest and most prestigious healthcare networks in the world

Certified Reliability


The ONLY Company with 5 international certifications; ANSI/NSF 60/61, NADCA/ASCS, (Air System cleaning specialist), European Biocide Product Regulation, ISO 14001, ISO 9001/15
Since 1985 the same company ownership

Continuous Innovation


12% of revenue is re-invested in R&D each year 
6 individual patents in Water Hygiene
The only Company in the world listed in the most stringent biocide regulation (European BPR) for domestic hot water

Scientific Validation

13 peer reviewed international papers

Endorsed by the World’s top Legionella experts

25% guaranteed employees with 33% of PhD’s